Talent Services BU: The primary objective of this BU is to address all your resource needs be it a FTE or a Temporary resource. We have the required ecosystem to provide you with In-Time, Cost effective staffing

  • Just In Time deployment of experts so that you can buy time for replacement
  • Skilled professionals fitting into your talent shortage immediately
  • Ready workforce in line with the constantly evolving business and IT landscape
  • Long term and short term deployment based on your need and budget
  • Delivers value and cost benefits
  • Helps you focus on core business activities
  • Operational cost reduction in terms of minimizing permanent hires
  • High productivity due to focused effort within the stipulated timelines
  • Faster replacement saving additional cost for you
  • Enabling you to be consistent with hiring decisions across the organization

People are the key ingredient to the success of any project or initiative . Getting people on-boarded in-time is always a challenge. This is where our expertise and Eco System can help you In-Time and also be cost effective.

SAP & Oracle

Our Clients’ projects are their top priority and we realize that staffing those projects with exceptional talent is critical to the project’s success.  For 5+ years, SFJ has provided our clients with Platinum level consultants at rate points that save valuable budget.  We utilize our long history of solid relationships with highly skilled SAP Consultants as well as our internal database of over 30,000+ SAP and 10000+ Oracle professionals to provide our clients with the “best of the best” in SAP and Oracle.

Strong Consultant Relationships

Strong Consulting Management Support by our organization that invests heavily in Consultant relationships and training


Deep configuration experience at the module, sub-module and business process level.


Competitive rates reflective of each Consultant’s skills and abilities providing more value for your valuable budget


Top 60% of SAP Consultants with 8+ years SAP experience and multiple hands-on implementations

5+ year Focus on SAP Talent

Internal database of technically and soft-skill pre-screened SAP professionals to provide quick (within 24 hours) consulting solutions