The big question is then “ How do we harness this proliferation of mobiles to effectively engage with a smarter workforce “.The preparation for this initiative has to start now.

What are the questions that have to be answered to address this

  • What do I mobilize – Processes
  • Whom do I mobilize – Stakeholders
  • How do I mobilize – Platforms , Technologies , Usability , Security , Sustainability
  • How do I deliver business value to the organization


  • By 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices
  • 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on smart devices by 2018
  • 1 billion is the number of consumers expected to own smart phones in 2016
  • 350 million employees will use smart phones in 2016
  • 200 million will bring their own
  • Public Wi-Fi will explode from 1.3 million hotspots to 5.8 million hotspots i

How we can help


  • Identify the process that need to be mobilized – Value stream mapping to understand the impact of mobilization and exhibit expected value
  • Identify the stakeholders who need to be mobilized – Effectiveness of mobilizing key stakeholders that will translate to their individual effectiveness which in turn will contribute to the organization’s effectiveness
  • Identify the right solution architecture to cater to the identified needs
  • Rationalize choice of platforms , technologies